Online Sex Dictionary – H

Online Sex Dictionary – H

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half-and-half – n.
When a prostitute performs fellatio and sexual intercourse in a single sex session.

handcestors – n
All the ancestors never to be born due to male masturbation. Can also refer to the SEMEN itself.

hand job – n.
Manual stimulation of someone’s penis often resulting in his ejaculation; masturbating someone.

hard – adj.
When a man is aroused with a stiff penis due to sexual stimulation.

hardcore – n.
1. Sexual pictures, movies, etc. that show genitals, especially an erect penis, and often include penetration. Opposite of SOFTCORE.
2. Intense or dangerous sexual activity.

hard on – n.
An erection.

harlot – n.
A prostitute.

head (give head)
1. Oral sex, specifically performed on a man; FELLATIO.
2. The top part of the penis, the tip.

hentai – n.
Japanese animation (anime) depicting graphic sexual scenes.

het – abbr.

heterosexual – n., adj.
A person who has sex with members of the opposite sex. Opposite of HOMOSEXUAL.

homosexual – adj., n.
A person who has sex with members of the same sex; GAY. Opposite of HETEROSEXUAL. Usage note: GAY is the more politically correct term. See also

hosiery – n.
Any legwear, especially sheer leggings made of nylon or silk especially worn by women. Pantyhose.

hummer – n.

hump – v.
To have sexual intercourse.
To rub the genitals against each other without penetration or even while clothed (DRY HUMP).

hung – adj.
Having a large penis, often used in the phrase “well hung”.

hustler – n.
A prostitute, especially a male prostitute.

hymen – n.
A fold of tissue that partly covers the entrance of the vagina in some women. Sexual intercourse tears an intact hymen, and so an intact hymen is viewed as a sign of virginity in a woman. However, the hymen is often torn through non-sexual activities and some women are born without a hymen.