Online Sex Dictionary – G

Online Sex Dictionary – G

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gang bang – n.
When many men have sex with a single woman one after another or even at the same time.

gay – adj.
HOMOSEXUAL. Refers to both homosexual men and homosexual women (also called LESBIANS).

GFE (Girlfriend Experience) – n.
A session with a prostitute where the prostitute treats her client as if she were his girlfriend.

giantess – n.
A huge, larger-than-life woman that is a object of fetishistic interest.

glory hole – n.
A hole cut through a wall, allowing anonymous sex between people on either side of the wall. Often found in gay sex clubs.

glans – n., glans penis – n.
The tip of the penis.

go down – v.
To perform ORAL SEX on a man or woman.

golden shower – n.
Urinating on someone else. See also WATERSPORTS.

gonorrhea – n.
A sexually transmitted disease, caused by the gonococcus bacteria, that causes painful urination in men and puss discharge from the penis.

gonzo – n.
Adult videos which lack any plot or pretense and just show people having sex on camera.

gorilla salad – n.
Pubic hair.

G-spot – n. [Grafenberg Spot]
An area in the upper wall of the vagina supposed to be especially pleasurable when stimulated.